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RTO Vehicle Information App

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Discover comprehensive vehicle information with the RTO Vehicle Information app – a free application that provides registration details, owner information, insurance details, and more. Easily check challan status and driving license information, and stay updated on daily fuel prices. This app offers valuable insights into cars and bikes, including pricing, features, specifications, and details about RTO offices. You can also prepare for your driving license exam and take a live RTO test, with language options including Gujarati, Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and more.

Key Features of the RTO Vehicle Information App:

1. RC Status:

  • Utilize the number plate scanner to effortlessly access RC details, including the vehicle owner’s name and address, model, class, insurance, engine details, fuel type, and more.

 2. Challan Details:

  • Check your vehicle’s challan status and details by entering the RC number, DL number, or simply scanning the number plate.

3. Driving Licence Info:

  • Input your driving license number and date of birth to retrieve comprehensive driving license details.

4. RTO Info:

  • Easily locate any RTO office in India by searching for the city name. Find the address, phone number, and website of the RTO office.

5. RTO Exam:

  • Prepare for your driving license test by learning and recalling various traffic signs. Access questions related to traffic symbols, practice the exam from home, and instantly review your answers.
  • Check the status of previously taken tests and find the nearest motor driving school in your city to learn driving.

6. Car and Bike Details:

  • Explore popular, most searched, upcoming, and latest car and bike information.
  • Check prices, variants, features, and specifications. Compare the features and prices of two car models or bike models.

7. All-in-One Platform:

  • Access essential details about vehicles, including the owner’s name, address, insurance, and other pertinent information, all in one centralized hub.

8. Challan Status and Driving License Details:

  • Easily check the challan status and driving license details by entering the RC number or DL number. For a quicker view, utilize the plate number scanning feature.

9. Fuel Price Updates:

  • Stay budget-savvy with the application’s timely updates on the most recent fuel prices, helping you plan your expenses efficiently.

10. Locate RTO Offices:

  • Find the nearest RTO office in your current area. Get comprehensive details, including office address, phone numbers, and website links.

11. Driving License Exam Preparation:

  • Review different traffic signs at your convenience, anytime and anywhere. Practice with RTO exam samples and receive instant results for performance improvement.

Centralized Hub for Comprehensive Vehicle Information

RTO Vehicle Information is a freely downloadable automotive utility designed for Indian drivers seeking effortless access to crucial registration details such as owner information, addresses, insurance, and more. Beyond that, the application’s extensive database offers relevant information about both cars and bikes.

Stay Informed About Vehicles in the Indian Market

RTO Vehicle Information provides up-to-date prices, features, specifications, and more, offering a valuable resource for enthusiasts and those keen on exploring the Indian automotive market. If you’re passionate about automobiles, consider exploring other mobile utilities like Android Auto and 3DTuning.

Efficiency and Convenience:

RTO Vehicle Information streamlines your access to accurate and timely details for multiple vehicles in India, eliminating the need to navigate through various sites. While the app contains ads, it still provides an impressive user experience.


  • All-encompassing vehicle details in a single platform
  • Convenient tracking of fuel prices
  • Easy access to challan and driving license details
  • Practice with RTO sample exams for better preparedness


  • Advertisements appear periodically

Experience the convenience of having all your essential vehicle information at your fingertips with RTO Vehicle Information. Download now for a comprehensive and user-friendly automotive tool.

Stay informed and empowered with the RTO Vehicle Information app, your go-to tool for all things related to vehicles and driving. Download now and experience a seamless way to access essential information at your fingertips.

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