What is APAAR? Best Card for Students Full Details in 2024

APAAR ID Card: Meaning, Registration Process, Advantages, and Steps to Download

What is APAAR?, The Government of India, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, has introduced the APAAR ID, also known as the One Nation, One Student ID Card initiative. This program is set to bring significant advantages to students by digitally transmitting their complete academic records, encompassing degrees, scholarships, accolades, and other achievements, through their APAAR ID. To obtain this unique identification, students who are currently enrolled in schools or colleges are required to undergo the One Nation One ID Registration process at abc.gov.in.

Following successful registration, the APAAR ID PDF can be downloaded from the official website. Participation in this initiative is open to all students, and the completion of ABC Bank Membership on the official site is encouraged to further enhance the benefits of this project.

What is the Full Form for APAAR ID 

APAAR ID stands for ‘Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry.’ It is associated with the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC Bank), a government initiative in India. The APAAR ID card, issued by the ABC Bank, functions as an education ecosystem registry, commonly known as an ‘EduLocker.’

Program: APAAR ID – One Nation One Student ID

Scheme APAAR ID – One Nation One Student ID
Initiating Authority Ministry of Education and Government of India
Portal Designation ABC Bank
Intended Beneficiaries Students across India
Scheme Objectives – Facilitate Student Mobility
– Enhance Academic Flexibility
– Implement Unified Student ID for Seamless Transfers
Total Enrollment Figures Over 2 Crore Students
APAAR Acronym Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry
Registration Method Online
Registration Requirements – Aadhar Card Number
– Mobile Number
– University Name
APAAR Card PDF Download Available through Mobile Number
Article Type Government Initiative
APAAR Portal abc.gov.in

A Comprehensive Overview APAAR ID for Students

The APAAR ID card, introduced by the Ministry of Education, serves as a digital identification for students enrolled in both private and government schools or colleges throughout India. Designed to facilitate online access to academic credits, degrees, and other essential information, the APAAR ID card is part of a lifelong tracking system for students’ academic journeys and achievements, simplifying the transfer process between educational institutions.

Issued to every student from pre-primary to higher education, the APAAR ID card features a unique 12-digit APAAR number, acting as a distinctive identifier. Unlike the existing Aadhaar ID, the APAAR card is specifically tailored to streamline academic records and benefits for students. Through APAAR card registration, students can download the card, which not only includes the unique APAAR number but also enables them to conveniently access and store their academic records.

Furthermore, the One Nation One Student ID Card initiative integrates the APAAR ID with the students’ Aadhaar card numbers, adding an additional layer of identification. The APAAR ID represents a significant leap toward creating an organized and easily accessible academic experience for students across the nation.

APAAR Card: Unified Registration for One Nation One ID

Discover the APAAR Card, a digital identification card designed for students across India, regardless of whether they are enrolled in private or government educational institutions.

Key Program Objectives: Delve into the primary goals of the APAAR Card initiative, focusing on the consolidation of academic data and credits within a single, accessible platform.

Distinctive Features: Learn about the unique aspects of the card, particularly the assignment of a distinctive 12-digit APAAR number to each student, serving as an exclusive identifier.

A Step-by-Step Guide How to Register Online for APAAR ID

If you don’t have a Digilocker account, here’s how you can register:

  1. Visit Digilocker and click on “Sign In.”
  2. Provide your mobile number for registration and verify it using the OTP (One-Time Password) sent to your mobile.
  3. After OTP verification, create a Username and Password for your Digilocker account.
  4. Add your Aadhaar Number and complete the verification process.

Once you have a Digilocker account, follow these steps for APAAR ID enrollment at abc.gov.in:

  1. Log in to abc.gov.in and go to My Account > STUDENT on the homepage.
  2. You’ll be redirected to Digilocker Meripehchaan. Enter your mobile number and PIN.
  3. Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile and email. The OTP is valid for 10 minutes.
  4. You’ll be redirected to Janparichay Meripehchaan, where your name will appear on the top right. Click on “Academic Bank of Credits” and then click “Access Now” in the popup box.
  5. Complete the consent form by checking the required boxes and click “Allow.”
  6. Your ABC ID will be generated. Share this ID with your academic institution to display all your credits.

This step-by-step guide ensures a smooth online registration process for obtaining the APAAR ID.

How to Download APAAR ID Card: A Step-by-Step Guide

In alignment with the comprehensive directives outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP), the establishment of the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) was initiated. Below are the steps elucidating the process of obtaining the ABC Card PDF, also known as the APAAR ID Card. Following registration on the official site, users can access and utilize the benefits of the ABC Card.

Note: ABC ID is synonymous with APAAR ID.
  1. Register for ABC Card: Every student can register for the ABC Card through the designated website, availing themselves of its associated benefits.
  2. Verify Information: After obtaining the APAAR Card PDF from abc.gov.in, carefully review the information presented, including your name, APAAR ID, QR code, and other relevant details.
  3. Login to ABC Bank Website: Access the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC Bank) website using your credentials.
  4. Locate APAAR Card Download Option: On the dashboard, find and click on the ‘APAAR card download’ option.
  5. View APAAR Card: The APAAR card will be displayed on the screen, showcasing essential information.
  6. Download or Print: Click on the download or print option as per your preference.
  7. Complete Download: The APAAR card will be successfully downloaded to your device, ready for reference or printing.

Numerous institutions and a significant number of students, totaling two crores, have already enrolled for the ABC Card or APAAR ID Card online. Following the completion of the registration process and form submission, your APAAR ID Card will be generated, and you can effortlessly download it from the internet.

Challenges and Concerns Surrounding APAAR ID Card Implementation

  1. Data Security Apprehensions: Concerns have been raised regarding the enrollment process for One Nation One Student ID due to the prevailing anxieties surrounding Aadhaar’s data security and instances of data leaks.
  2. Schools Grappling with Additional Responsibilities: Schools are faced with the challenge of informing parents about the APAAR ID and elucidating its functionalities before seeking their approval, potentially adding an unnecessary burden on educational institutions.
  3. Impact on Academic Focus: The recent update of students’ Aadhaar Cards on UDISE, coupled with the new APAAR ID card incorporating details such as height, weight, and blood group, might divert teachers’ attention from academic priorities.
  4. Overburdened Teaching Staff: Dissatisfaction among teachers has arisen due to the increasing load of non-academic responsibilities without a corresponding increase in the number of teaching staff.
  5. Privacy Concerns: Parents are expressing privacy concerns related to consent forms associated with the APAAR student identity system. These forms request permission for educational institutions and recruitment agencies to access confidential student data, including name, address, age, date of birth, gender, and photograph. State directives mandate schools to obtain parental consent before generating APAAR IDs.

ABC Bank Registration via Digilocker

Explore the ongoing ABC Bank registration facilitated through Digilocker, offering a seamless process for individuals.

Setting Up Your Account: Discover the steps involved in setting up your ABC Bank account. This includes providing essential information such as your mobile number, selecting university details, and entering academic qualifications.

Issuance of APAAR Card: Gain insights into the process of APAAR Card issuance through ABC Bank. Learn how to download the APAAR Card, unlocking access to various services and benefits.

Benefits of APAAR ID card

  • The APAAR ID card stands as an enduring identifier, accompanying students throughout their lives, streamlining the monitoring of academic progress and accomplishments seamlessly.
  • This digital identity repository efficiently stores a wealth of student data in one centralized location, encompassing learning outcomes, exam results, report cards, health records, and co-curricular achievements such as rankings in Olympiads and specialized skill training.
  • The APAAR number serves as a comprehensive tracker of academic records across diverse age groups, spanning from school and degree college to junior college and post-graduation.
  • One of its notable advantages lies in simplifying the transfer process for students, as it encapsulates their complete academic history, facilitating hassle-free admissions to new institutions nationwide.
  • The APAAR ID also plays a crucial role in monitoring and addressing student dropouts, enabling governmental efforts to reintegrate them into mainstream education and educational activities.
  • This digital platform significantly centralizes academic data, including scholarships, degrees, rewards, and various student credits, providing a comprehensive overview of a student’s academic journey.
  • Direct linkage with the ABC Bank ensures that upon completing a semester or course, students’ credits are promptly reflected and recognized across all universities in India.
  • The credit score awarded through the APAAR ID becomes a valuable asset for students, applicable to higher education pursuits or entrance exams conducted by universities.
  • The APAAR card itself encompasses a wealth of student information, including name, address, date of birth, gender, photo, sports activities, education loans, scholarships, awards, and more.
  • Students are further benefited with the creation of a DigiLocker account through the APAAR ID, enhancing their ability to digitally store and access essential documents.
  • Moreover, students can directly obtain government scheme benefits through APAAR ID cards, streamlining the process for accessing various governmental initiatives.
  • Assuring the utmost security, the Ministry of Education guarantees the safekeeping of information on the APAAR card, minimizing the risk of misuse. The data is strictly earmarked for educational purposes, reinforcing the commitment to privacy and ethical use of student information.

Operational Mechanism of APAAR ID:

As previously detailed, each student will be assigned a distinctive APAAR ID, intricately linked to the Academic Bank Credit (ABC). Functioning as a digital repository, the ABC serves as a comprehensive archive, recording the academic credits earned by students throughout their educational odyssey. The APAAR Cards serve as a digital conduit, enabling students to seamlessly upload all certificates, documents, and credits, spanning both formal and informal education. Consequently, upon completion of a course or attainment of an accomplishment, the digital certification and authentication process takes place, securely storing the achievements in students’ accounts as endorsed by authorized educational institutions.

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Effortless Data Transition:

In instances of students transitioning between schools, whether intra or interstate, the data housed in the ABC undergoes an automatic transfer to the new educational institution. This transition is facilitated effortlessly through the exchange of APAAR Cards. This innovation negates the requirement for students to carry, display, or submit physical documents, transfer certificates, and proofs during the relocation process, streamlining administrative procedures for enhanced efficiency.

Conclusion on Applying for APAAR ID Card

The introduction of the One Nation One Student ID Card, known as APAAR ID, marks a significant stride towards creating a more organized and user-friendly educational environment for students in India. Upon successful registration and acquisition of the APAAR ID, students can effortlessly manage their academic data and gain access to a myriad of additional services.

FAQ’S for What is APAAR?

1. What is the APAAR ID scheme, and who is behind its implementation?

Ans. The APAAR ID is part of the "One Nation One Student ID" initiative led by the Ministry of Education and the Government of India.

2. Which portal facilitates the APAAR ID scheme, and who are its intended beneficiaries?

Ans. The APAAR ID scheme is administered through the ABC Bank portal, with students across India being the primary beneficiaries.

3. What are the main objectives of the APAAR ID scheme?

Ans. The scheme aims to facilitate student mobility, enhance academic flexibility, and implement a unified student ID for easy transfers.

4. How many students have been registered under the APAAR ID scheme, and what does APAAR stand for?

Ans. Over 2 Crore students have registered under the APAAR ID scheme, and APAAR stands for Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry.

5. What are the requirements for APAAR Card registration, and how can one download the APAAR Card PDF?

Ans. To register, individuals need their Aadhar Card Number, Mobile Number, and University Name. The APAAR Card PDF can be downloaded through the provided Mobile Number.

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