Best Method for How to Add Location on Instagram 2024

Step by Step Guide for How to Add Location on Instagram

Instagram stands out as a leading social media platform, boasting an impressive 500 million daily users. With continuous updates and innovative features, it is gradually surpassing even the likes of Twitter. One such feature that holds significant potential for brands is the ability to add location to posts. This seemingly simple feature can serve a dual purpose for businesses.

Firstly, incorporating your business location into posts facilitates easier discovery by your followers. This can be a game-changer, especially for local businesses aiming to attract a nearby audience. Secondly, leveraging creative and unique location names adds a personalized touch to your posts, injecting personality into your brand’s online presence.

Now, let’s delve into the step-by-step process of creating a new location on Instagram. Towards the end, we’ll also share a handy tip on simultaneously tagging multiple custom locations, maximizing your reach and engagement.

Why would you add a location on Instagram?

Adding a location to your Instagram posts is a strategic move for every small business owner aiming to enhance visibility and attract more customers. While local listings sites and Google Business Profiles play a crucial role in this, social media platforms offer an additional avenue to put your business on the map, and Instagram is a prime example.

By establishing your business presence on Instagram and including your location, you tap into a dynamic community of users who are actively engaged on the platform. This isn’t just any audience; it’s a targeted group of individuals most likely to convert into customers.

Users on Instagram utilize location features for diverse reasons, from envisioning travel destinations to exploring cities, or even seeking delectable dishes at your restaurant. The inclusion of locations in Instagram posts empowers users to share their whereabouts with followers, presenting your business to a potentially interested and relevant audience.

Is it possible to make an Instagram location without Facebook?

Currently, Instagram does not offer a standalone feature for creating new locations without relying on its parent app, Facebook. The platform limits users to selecting from existing locations within the app.

However, this limitation can be advantageous. Many brands and users have already paved the way by creating engaging custom location names that you can leverage for your posts.

For example, a brand might use the “Coffee Time” location to accompany an image showcasing various coffee beverages. In such cases, the location name becomes an additional cue about the post’s content, potentially generating more interest in your brand.

Furthermore, some brands and users utilize location tagging as an additional branding opportunity, reinforcing their presence and identity.

Adding a Location on Instagram: Various Methods in 2024

There are several approaches to include a location on Instagram:

  1. Linking via Facebook: Utilize the connection with Facebook to add a location seamlessly.
  2. Bio Address Inclusion: Enhance your Instagram bio by incorporating your address.
  3. Post Tagging: Tag a specific location directly within an Instagram post.
  4. Utilize Location Hashtags: Leverage location-related hashtags to indicate your post’s origin.

Let’s explore each method in detail.

How to Add a Location on Instagram Using the Facebook App

While the direct addition of a new location on Instagram is not currently supported, you can seamlessly add a location from the Facebook app, and it will subsequently appear on Instagram. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your Facebook app and navigate to “What’s on your mind.”
  2. Select “Check In” (ensure that the app has permission to use your location).
  3. Search for your business or preferred location, then scroll down and choose “Add.”
  4. Provide details such as place name, address, and city, ensuring the map pin is correctly positioned.
  5. Save the custom place by tapping “Save Custom Place.”

It’s important to note that the addition may not reflect on Instagram immediately and could take a few weeks. Since Instagram relies on Facebook for location information, having a Facebook page for your business is crucial. Connecting your Instagram to a Facebook Business Page further enhances this process.

Apart from simply adding a location on Instagram, explore other ways to leverage the app’s location features, which we’ll delve into shortly.

Adding Your Address to Your Instagram Profile

Incorporating your business address into your Instagram profile is a practical move, allowing users to access your location directly from the Instagram app. Follow these simple steps:

(Note: This feature is exclusive to professional accounts. If your business Instagram account is not yet a professional account, consider switching to access enhanced tools and analytics. To switch, navigate to “Settings” while logged into your business account, tap “Account,” and select “Switch to Professional Account.”)
  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Tap “Edit Profile.”
  3. Scroll down and select “Contact Options.”
  4. Input your business address and tap “Done.”
  5. Return to “Contact Options” and tap “Save.”
  6. Scroll down to “Profile Display” and ensure “Display contact info” is not hidden.
  7. Tap “Done.”

Your business address will now be visible on your profile, allowing users to easily locate your establishment and obtain directions with a simple click.

How to Add a Location in an Instagram Post

An effective way to enhance your Instagram posts is by incorporating a location tag, providing users with direct access to your post’s geographical context. This tag appears prominently above your photo, allowing viewers to click and explore a collection of photos linked to that location on a map. Encouraging others to do the same, perhaps through an Instagram contest, can further amplify your business’s online presence.

You can also employ location tags when featuring other businesses or community areas, expanding the reach of your post. For instance, a broader location tag for your city or town can attract more attention and engagement.

Follow these steps to add a location tag to your Instagram post:

  1. Tap the plus button and select “Post.”
  2. Choose the photo or video you wish to share and tap “Next.”
  3. Apply your chosen filter and tap “Next.”
  4. Craft your Instagram caption.
  5. Tap “Add location.”
  6. Search for your desired location and select it once it populates.
  7. Tap “Share.”

And with that, your post is complete, now enriched with a location tag for added context and discoverability.

Adding a Location to Your Instagram Reel or Story

Beyond incorporating a location tag into your Instagram posts, it’s equally advantageous to include locations in your Instagram Story or Reel. Not only does this enrich your content, but if you attach a location tag to your Instagram Reel, it may appear on the location page, significantly expanding your reach.

Encouraging customers to tag your location in their Instagram Stories or Reels also offers a great opportunity for resharing and connecting with your audience.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on adding a location to your Instagram Reel:

  1. Tap the plus button and choose “Reel.”
  2. Record a video or upload your existing video.
  3. Apply music, effects, or stickers as desired.
  4. On the caption screen, tap “Add Location.”
  5. Search for the location you wish to include.
  6. Share your Reel.

How to add a location to your Instagram Story:

  1. Tap the plus button and select “Story.”
  2. Choose the photo or video for your Story and tap “Next.”
  3. Access the sticker icon, then choose “Location.”
  4. Search for the desired location and place it on your Instagram Story.
  5. Post as usual.

Now, with locations featured in both your Story and Reels, you can maximize your presence and engagement on Instagram.

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Using a Location Hashtag on Instagram

While integrating your business address in the Instagram bio and tagging specific locations are effective strategies, harnessing the power of hashtags can provide an additional boost to your visibility. This tried-and-true method not only enhances discoverability but also serves as a cost-free means to promote your Instagram account.

Consider incorporating location hashtags into your posts, complementing custom or event-specific hashtags. This approach broadens your reach, making it easier for users to find you, even if they aren’t explicitly searching for your exact location.

Here are examples of effective location hashtags:

  1. City hashtags like #Tuni and #Kakinada
  2. Local location hashtags such as #SRMTMall or #RJVPulav
  3. Industry-specific local hashtags like #food or #Chickenbriyani
  4. Small business-friendly hashtags like #eatlocal and #shoplocal

Adding a location hashtag is straightforward—simply include it in your Instagram captions. Explore relevant location hashtags in your area, perhaps taking inspiration from competitors, to identify what resonates with your audience and attracts new users to your profile.

Incorporating Your Address into Your Instagram Bio

It’s a wise decision to incorporate your business Instagram account address into your Instagram profile, allowing users to easily access directions to your location within the Instagram app. While the process is simple, it’s important to consider the following

Note: This feature is specifically designed for users with a business Instagram account. If you haven’t transitioned to a professional account, we strongly recommend doing so. This not only grants access to the address feature but also unlocks valuable tools and comprehensive analytics for more effective Instagram business management.

How to Locate an Existing Location on Instagram

Before attempting to add a location on Instagram, it’s essential to check if the desired location already exists within the app. Many business locations have been integrated from Facebook, streamlining the process. Follow these steps to search for a location on Instagram:

  1. Tap the search icon within the Instagram app.
  2. Input your business location or the desired location you wish to add.
  3. Select “See All Results.”
  4. Tap “Places” and check if your intended location is listed.

If you find your location in the results, there’s no need to add it separately to Instagram. However, if it’s not present, continue reading as we guide you through the process.


In conclusion, leveraging Instagram’s location features is a strategic move for businesses. While direct creation of new locations is currently linked to Facebook, integrating your business address, using location tags in posts, and incorporating location hashtags amplify your online presence. Additionally, adding locations to Stories and Reels broadens reach, offering diverse opportunities for engagement and visibility on this dynamic social media platform.

FAQ’S for How to Add Location on Instagram

1. Can I add a new location directly on Instagram without using Facebook?

Ans. Currently, Instagram does not support creating new locations independently. You can, however, add locations through the Facebook app, and they will eventually reflect on Instagram.

2. Is it necessary to have a Facebook page for my business to add a location on Instagram?

Ans. Yes, having a Facebook page for your business is crucial as Instagram relies on Facebook for location information. It's recommended to link your Instagram to a Facebook Business Page for a smoother process.

3. How do I search for an existing location on Instagram before adding a new one?

Ans. To search for an existing location on Instagram, tap the search icon, type in the location, select "See All Results," choose "Places," and check if your desired location is listed.

4. Can I add a location to both Instagram Stories and Reels?

Ans. Yes, you can add a location to both Instagram Stories and Reels. For Stories, tap the plus button, choose "Story," and add the location sticker. For Reels, tap the plus button, choose "Reel," and add the location during the caption phase.

5. Why should I use location hashtags on Instagram?

Ans. Location hashtags on Instagram enhance discoverability. They help users find your content even if they are not specifically searching for your exact location. Examples include city hashtags, local landmarks, industry-specific locations, and small business-friendly tags like #eatlocal.

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