15 Ways for Increase Youtube Subscribers 2024 Easy and Free

How to Increase Youtube Subscribers in 2024

Maximizing your organic reach on YouTube, the second-largest website globally, hinges on accruing more free subscribers. Achieving subscriber milestones is pivotal, especially for those aiming to monetize their content. To become a YouTube Partner and start earning ad revenue, a minimum of 1,000 subscribers is necessary. Additionally, as your subscriber count increases, you ascend YouTube’s “benefit level” ladder, unlocking rewards, managerial support, and production aid at the 100,000 subscriber mark.

Even if your YouTube goals are centered around branding and video marketing rather than direct monetization, having a substantial subscriber base is crucial. Subscribers contribute to higher play counts, increased watch time, and enhanced engagement – all critical factors considered by the YouTube algorithm.

Discover effective, legitimate strategies to encourage viewers to hit the Subscribe button and garner authentic, free YouTube subscribers, thereby fostering the growth of your channel.

Varieties of Content to Boost Your YouTube Subscribers

To boost your YouTube subscriber count, it’s crucial to diversify your content and cater to various audience preferences. Here’s a range of content types that can effectively attract and retain subscribers:

  1. Tutorials and Instructional Videos: Deliver informative content that aids viewers in learning new skills, solving problems, or accomplishing specific objectives. Such tutorials appeal to individuals actively seeking practical guidance.
  2. Product Reviews and Recommendations: Offer honest and insightful reviews of products, services, or experiences within your niche. Establish trust with your audience by helping them make informed decisions.
  3. Entertaining and Humorous Content: Create engaging videos that evoke laughter, smiles, or entertainment. Viral potential lies in content that is enjoyable, attracting new subscribers who appreciate your humor and entertainment value.
  4. Vlogs and Behind-the-Scenes Content: Provide glimpses into your personal life, experiences, and behind-the-scenes footage related to your niche. Vlogs foster authenticity and connection, building a loyal subscriber base.
  5. Collaborations and Guest Interviews: Collaborate with fellow YouTubers or industry experts for interviews, discussions, or joint projects. Cross-promotion broadens your channel’s reach, leading to mutual subscriber growth.
  6. Educational and Explainer Videos: Develop content that educates and explains complex concepts within your niche. Clear explanations position you as an authoritative figure, attracting subscribers valuing your expertise.
  7. Q&A Sessions and Live Streams: Interact directly with your audience through live Q&A sessions or streams. Real-time engagement fosters community and connection, encouraging subscribers to stay loyal.
  8. Storytelling and Narrative Content: Share personal stories, experiences, or narratives resonating with your audience. Compelling storytelling creates emotional connections, motivating viewers to subscribe for more engaging content.
  9. Challenges and Experiments: Undertake challenges, experiments, or new activities aligned with your niche. Exciting and share-worthy content attracts subscribers seeking unique and adventurous experiences.
  10. Educational Series or Courses: Develop a series of videos forming a comprehensive educational course or informative series. Offering valuable knowledge over multiple videos keeps viewers engaged, leading to increased subscribers.

Remember, consistency and quality are paramount. Align your content with your niche, cater to your target audience’s interests, and showcase your unique style and personality for optimal subscriber attraction and retention on YouTube.

Why Purchasing YouTube Subscribers Isn’t the Solution

We get it – the temptation to buy YouTube subscribers is real. However, we’re here to be straight with you: it won’t lead to success. The creators behind the world’s top YouTube channels aren’t resorting to shady growth tactics; they’re busy crafting outstanding content.

Let’s delve into how “free” YouTube subscriber services operate (keeping in mind that nothing is truly free – if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product).

These services offer “free” subscribers in exchange for your subscription to and liking of other channels, as per their instructions. Typically, you’re required to subscribe to 20 channels and like a specific number of YouTube videos. In return, 10 channels will subscribe to yours.

Essentially, you become a one-person clickfarm. It’s akin to the time we experimented with Instagram engagement pods. The service hopes that you tire of this endless clicking and opt to pay for YouTube subscribers. In either case, they win – either with your time or your money. But what do you really get?

  1. Bot subscribers that lack engagement.
  2. A negative image for your genuine audience, who likely values authenticity.
  3. The risk of violating YouTube’s fake engagement policy (in other words, potential banning).
  4. Potential skepticism from brands that might consider partnering with you.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s just not worth it.

Sure, there are clickbait videos out there promising to reveal the secret to getting 1,000 or even a million YouTube subscribers for free. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

These clickbait videos garner numerous views from individuals seeking a quick fix to boost their subscriber count. However, they’re nothing more than clickbait – not genuine advice. Save your time unless you’re just in it for a laugh.

The truth is, there’s no shortcut. You have to put in the effort. Fortunately, there are authentic, real-world tactics you can employ to genuinely grow your YouTube following from the ground up.

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Significance of Maintaining Consistency in Video Creation and Publication on YouTube

Consistency in crafting and releasing YouTube videos holds paramount importance for several compelling reasons.

Firstly, it plays a pivotal role in audience building, creating a regular presence on the platform. Viewers are more inclined to subscribe and actively engage with your content when they anticipate consistent uploads at specific intervals.

Establishing a routine sets expectations for your audience, resulting in heightened viewership, increased engagement, and enhanced loyalty. Simultaneously, it signals to YouTube’s algorithm that you are a dedicated and active creator, leading to improved visibility and favorable search rankings.

Consistency is instrumental in developing a distinctive brand identity, positioning yourself as an authoritative figure in your niche. This not only fosters credibility but also enhances your perceived level of expertise.

Beyond these benefits, maintaining consistency streamlines production efficiency and facilitates community building by fostering engagement with your audience. In essence, a consistent approach to creating and publishing YouTube videos is not only crucial for audience growth but also for algorithmic visibility, brand establishment, and sustained success on the platform.

Establishing a Devoted Subscriber Community for YouTube Channel Growth

Cultivating a dedicated and engaged audience on YouTube requires dedication and effort – there are no quick fixes. When posting videos, tailor them to suit your audience’s preferences, foster interaction, and utilize YouTube analytics as a guiding tool in your growth journey.

YouTube users seek value and meaningful engagements from trustworthy accounts. A steadfast commitment to content consistency, coupled with a deep understanding of your audience and analytics, proves to be the most effective path to garnering subscribers on YouTube.

15 Free Tips for Increase Youtube Subscribers

Increase Youtube Subscribers

Before delving into the following tips, make sure to check our guide on establishing a YouTube channel if you’re just starting out. Having the foundational elements of your channel set up is essential before incorporating the strategies listed below.

Here, ranging from the simplest to the more intricate, are our recommended approaches for turning viewers into subscribers. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to implement all of them at once. Instead, consider applying one of these tips with each new video you publish, or gradually introduce one or two per week.

1. Producing Compelling and Educational Content Videos

To capture and retain viewers’ attention, it’s crucial to produce content that is both engaging and informative. Elevate the quality of your content with the following strategies:

  1. Define Your Audience: Tailor your content to a specific audience, ensuring it resonates with their interests and needs.
  2. Strategic Scripting: Plan your video script meticulously to cover relevant points without overwhelming viewers with unnecessary information. If the content feels extensive, consider breaking it down into several videos.
  3. Illustrate with Examples: Enhance viewer understanding by incorporating relevant examples, preferably from reputable sources. This not only clarifies concepts but also adds credibility to your content.
  4. Visual Appeal: Integrate visuals into your content to enhance its attractiveness. Use high-quality images, graphics, or video clips to complement your message.
  5. Engaging Hooks: Capture viewers’ attention from the start with a compelling hook. This initial intrigue encourages them to watch the entirety of your video.
  6. Originality Matters: Always feature original content to maintain engagement. Using someone else’s material not only diminishes the uniqueness of your video but can also alienate your audience.
  7. Interactive Elements: Utilize YouTube’s features such as cards, end screens, and other customizations to actively engage your audience. Encourage viewers to interact with your content through these tools.

Understanding the frequency of your uploads is another critical aspect to enhance your YouTube subscriber count.

2. Encourage Viewers to Subscribe

It’s a simple yet effective strategy.

Occasionally, your audience needs a gentle nudge.

If asking for subscriptions feels too sales-oriented, you might be doing it too frequently or too early in your content. However, a brief reminder to subscribe at the conclusion of your video is merely facilitating an easier way for fans to stay connected with your content.

Be sure to showcase why your channel is deserving of subscriptions. Prompt viewers to subscribe only after delivering valuable information or providing entertainment that leaves them amused.

3. Produce Videos That Capture Viewer Interest

Every minute, YouTube sees the addition of 500 hours of video content. In this sea of content, how can your channel and videos distinguish themselves? Consider the following two approaches:

  1. Follow YouTube Trends: Begin by exploring the reasons people flock to YouTube. What types of content are most popular? What are users actively searching for? What trends are currently dominating the platform? While the most-viewed YouTube videos often revolve around music, rapidly growing categories encompass movies, entertainment, and pets.
  2. Understand Your Audience’s Preferences: Delve into the specific preferences of your target audience. Identify what unique value you can offer. As YouTuber Adam Enfroy advises, “Know your audience and create content based on what they actually want to see, rather than what you think they want to see.”
    • Experiment with popular formats like how-to videos, especially if your product or channel lends itself to educational content. If this aligns with what your target audience is seeking, it could be a valuable avenue to explore.

In essence, the key is to align your content with both overarching YouTube trends and the specific desires of your audience, ensuring your videos not only stand out but also cater to the preferences of your viewers.

4. Consistent Video Creation and Publishing for Subscriber Growth

Undoubtedly, maintaining a frequent schedule of video creation and publication is a key factor in boosting your subscriber count. Conversely, a prolonged absence from uploading can deter potential subscribers.

As highlighted by Social Media Examiner, YouTube channels that release content more than once a week tend to outperform those with less frequent uploads. Subscribers receive email notifications each time you upload a new video, creating regular engagement opportunities. If notifications occur weekly, there’s a higher likelihood of audience interaction, especially if the content is original, engaging, and informative.

In essence, publishing more than one video per week increases the chances of gaining and accumulating subscribers. Employing a consistent frequency strategy can expedite subscriber growth.

Following this, after uploading your content, the next step in boosting subscribers involves optimizing your videos.

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5. Give Thought to Your Channel’s Branding

Channel branding is often underestimated in YouTube marketing, yet the nuances matter. Your channel is often the second destination for viewers interested in your video. The channel icon, description, and overall aesthetics should align with your brand guidelines, projecting a professional image.

Branding extends beyond the channel to your personal brand, especially if you’re the face of your company. Consider how you present yourself, your personal style, and the backdrop—whether it’s a set or a real environment.

YouTube creator Joseph Hogue emphasizes the importance of these details, stating, “Most YouTubers think little of what they are wearing or their background when it comes to filming. It’s a huge missed opportunity! People will pick up on these branding cues and identify with you.”

Consistent branding elements can also carry through your videos. Develop a set of cohesive graphic elements for use in video intros and outros. For instance, in a video by Marikuna Studio, consistent design elements like grid paper and a shared font contribute to viewers recognizing the channel’s content.

These branding elements should extend to your channel art and thumbnails. Customize your channel’s appearance by heading to Settings and selecting Customization. This is where you can upload art, choose your name and handle, and add a bio, allowing you to personalize your channel’s visual identity and details.

6. Enhance Your YouTube Video Optimization

Optimizing your videos is instrumental in securing higher rankings on YouTube, facilitating increased visibility and interaction with your content. To ensure that your videos reach the right audience, focus on optimizing key elements such as the title, description, and video tags.

Title: Incorporating an exact keyword into your video title contributes to improved rankings. Higher rankings translate to more views and an expanded subscriber base.

Description: When crafting your video description, provide essential information such as keywords, timestamps, and relevant links. Timestamps assist viewers in navigating to specific sections of the video, while linking to other pertinent videos enhances engagement.

Video Tags: Video tags play a crucial role in making your video discoverable. For comprehensive insights into optimizing meta tags, refer to this video.

Additionally, consider these optimization strategies for your channel:

  1. Captivating Thumbnails: Upload visually appealing thumbnails that grab viewers’ attention and entice them to click on your videos.
  2. Transcripts: Include a transcript of the video in the description to enhance accessibility and provide additional content for search engines.
  3. Start and End Screens: Incorporate a start screen to showcase your video’s appearance upfront and an end screen that is well-designed and informative. This adds a professional touch to your content.

Remember, optimizing individual videos is essential, but optimizing your entire YouTube channel is equally important for subscriber growth. Explore effective strategies to optimize your channel and boost your YouTube subscriber count.

7. Optimize Your YouTube Channel for More Subscribers

To boost your YouTube subscriber count, it’s essential to optimize not only your individual videos but also your entire channel. Here are some straightforward ways to achieve this:

  1. Craft a Compelling YouTube Trailer: Introduce your channel with a trailer that provides viewers with a glimpse of what your content entails. Use this opportunity to showcase your brand, the types of videos you create, a preview of upcoming content, and your release schedule.
  2. Create an Engaging Channel Aesthetic: Enhance the visual appeal of your channel by incorporating relevant channel keywords, a compelling channel description, and eye-catching channel art. Optimize the channel description with keywords, keeping the content concise and interesting. According to Backlinko, channel keywords have a noteworthy correlation with higher YouTube search rankings. The initial 100-150 characters of your channel description are particularly crucial as they are displayed next to your channel in search results. Include a concise call-to-action at the end of your description, and choose channel art that is both trendy and aligns with your brand.
  3. Utilize Sections and Playlists on Your Homepage: If your channel boasts numerous videos, organize them into sections and playlists, featuring them prominently on your homepage. Optimize these playlists by incorporating relevant keywords, compelling titles, and informative descriptions.

By implementing these strategies, you can optimize your YouTube channel effectively, attracting more subscribers and enhancing the overall appeal of your content.

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8. Create Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails for Your Videos

Whether your content is featured in YouTube ads or appears in search results on Google or YouTube, it can easily go unnoticed if the video thumbnail doesn’t capture users’ attention. Many successful channels employ a blend of text, graphics, and human faces to act as the “cover art” for their videos. How you approach this depends on your video type and the preferences of your audience.

Take Toni Lipsey from the TL Yarn Crafts channel as an example. She maintains a consistent color palette and features images of her own face in her thumbnails. Additionally, she highlights crucial details relevant to those searching for videos like hers, such as “15 min” for a craft tutorial or “$180??!!” on a review video.

Designing Your Own YouTube Thumbnails While YouTube allows you to choose a video frame as the thumbnail, consider crafting your own to have more control over the final appearance. Investing time in creating thumbnails ensures brand consistency, making your channel appear cohesive and helping viewers recognize your content. Ultimately, experimenting with different thumbnail styles will reveal which ones generate the most clicks and views.

💡 Pro Tip: Utilize free design tools such as Canva to craft personalized YouTube thumbnails for every video.

9. Leverage YouTube Shorts for Enhanced Engagement

A relatively recent addition to the platform, YouTube Shorts mirrors the short-form vertical video format popularized by TikTok, specifically tailored for mobile viewing. As of 2023, Shorts has surpassed a staggering 50 billion daily views.

Equipped with built-in video creation tools, users can effortlessly record, edit, and enhance Shorts with elements such as music, text, and effects directly within the YouTube app.

Luke Tew, Head of Digital Media at Maverrik, suggests, “Using Shorts to boost your longer-form videos will promote your content a little further.” Shorts serve as bite-sized previews for your channel, allowing viewers to sample quick snippets of what you have to offer. Tew emphasizes, “When people are intrigued by what they see in the Shorts, they tend to watch the long-form video and subscribe.” Incorporating YouTube Shorts can effectively act as a promotional tool, enticing viewers to explore more and subscribe to your channel.

10. Boost Video Visibility Beyond YouTube: Effective Promotion Strategies

To expand the reach of your videos beyond the confines of YouTube, consider implementing these smart promotional tactics:

  1. Leverage Social Media: Utilize platforms you are already active on, such as Facebook and Instagram. When posting on these platforms, incorporate the link to your YouTube video. Apply the same strategy across Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites.
  2. Engage in Forum and Blog Discussions: Actively participate in forums and blog discussions, naturally integrating your YouTube link when relevant. Join high-Q&A sites, providing answers related to your video content. For instance, in a machine learning blog discussion, include your YouTube video link on the topic along with your insights.
  3. Link Building: Identify authoritative websites relevant to your content and collaborate for backlinks. Testimonial link building, where others provide testimonials with a link to your video, is an effective approach. Collaborate with fellow YouTube channels to tap into a shared audience.
  4. Influencer Marketing: Engage in influencer marketing as a rapid way to increase YouTube subscribers. Leveraging influencers with a dedicated following amplifies your content’s reach. If an influencer promotes your video, it can result in a substantial increase in subscribers.
  5. Email Marketing: Harness the power of emails to reach a broad audience. Incorporate your YouTube channel link in your email signature as a subtle yet effective way to drive traffic.
  6. Diverse Content Promotion:
    • Engage with communities by sharing video links on relevant pages.
    • Publish your video on reputable video directories.
    • Bookmark your videos on popular sites like StumbleUpon.
    • Embed videos within your blog posts.
    • Promote related videos in your end screen.

By adopting these multifaceted promotion strategies, you can amplify your video’s visibility and attract a broader audience to your YouTube channel.

11. Forge Collaborations with Fellow YouTube Creators

Collaborations represent mutually beneficial partnerships between creators and brands, offering an opportunity to enhance exposure and potentially increase subscriber counts for both parties involved. When considering collaborations, careful selection is paramount – ensuring the partnership aligns with your audience and offers content or products that complement each other.

Explore various collaboration ideas, including:

  1. Guest Hosting: Invite a collaborator to serve as a guest host on your channel, injecting fresh perspectives into your content.
  2. Cameo Appearances: Make cameo appearances on each other’s channels to cross-pollinate audiences and introduce your content to new viewers.
  3. Co-Hosting Events: Collaborate on hosting Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions or live virtual events, providing diverse and engaging content for both channels.
  4. Co-Branded Campaigns: Partner on co-branded products or marketing campaigns to create synergy between your brands and cater to a broader audience.
  5. Contests and Giveaways: Collaborate on announcing contests or giveaways, offering prizes from both brands to entice and engage viewers.
  6. Product Reviews and Affiliate Links: Ask a popular creator to review your products in exchange for an affiliate link, leveraging their influence to drive interest.

An excellent example of effective collaboration involves TV personality and RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Trixie Mattel, who strategically used drama to generate interest in collaborative content with fellow drag queen Kim Chi. This collaboration proves valuable for both creators, allowing them to tap into new viewers who align with their respective target audiences.

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12. Emphasize Consistency for YouTube Channel Success

The cornerstone of a thriving YouTube channel lies in consistency, which can be manifested through various elements such as branding, video quality, color palette, lighting, subject matter, playlists or series, and posting frequency.

Define the core theme of your channel and understand your audience. While it’s natural to have diverse interests, maintaining consistency in content is crucial. For instance, if your YouTube channel focuses on woodworking, introducing unrelated content like cooking might confuse and disengage your audience. Honing in on your channel’s niche and consistently delivering content aligned with audience expectations is paramount, particularly for garnering recommendations from the YouTube algorithm.

Regular and scheduled posting is another potent strategy for increasing YouTube subscribers. This doesn’t necessitate filming every week. Trixie Mattel, the host of The Bald and the Beautiful podcast, shares a valuable tip: “What I’ve learned with my YouTube channel: bank [content] when you’re in the mood. That way, if you have an off week, you’re like ‘Oh good, I have something.'” Consistent posting, even when pre-planned, contributes to audience engagement and algorithmic visibility.

💡Tip: For creator accounts without a specific theme, prioritize consistency in video production or presentation to maintain a cohesive and engaging channel.

13. Utilize YouTube’s Clickable Subscription Tools for Viewer Conversion

YouTube provides built-in clickable tools designed to convert video viewers into channel subscribers. Two notable features are the End Screen and Brand Watermark.

  1. End Screen: The end screen is a static image displayed at the conclusion of your video, allowing you to prompt viewers to subscribe or include another call to action before YouTube’s algorithm directs them to the next video. You can incorporate an end screen during the upload process for any video lasting more than 25 seconds. Additionally, you have the option to retroactively add end screens to existing videos, an effective strategy to start converting subscribers immediately.

    To add an end screen to an existing video, navigate to Content in the left menu of Creator Studio. Choose the desired video, click the End Screen box on the right side, and integrate a Subscribe element into your video.

  2. Brand Watermark: The brand watermark is an additional subscribe button positioned in the bottom right corner of your video, and you can specify when during your videos it appears.

    To include the watermark, access Customization in the left menu of YouTube Studio, then select Branding. The watermark will be applied to all your videos, providing a seamless and clickable subscription option for your audience.

14. Feature Your Products for Sales and YouTube Monetization

Effectively showcasing, demonstrating, and incorporating your products into YouTube videos can significantly boost sales and generate revenue on the platform. According to Katie Carson of Royalty Soaps, the impact is evident with a noticeable surge in sales following the release of each video. The popularity of YouTube series often correlates with purchasing trends.

The synergy between product showcasing and growing YouTube subscribers is evident. Google reports that 68% of buyers turn to YouTube for assistance in making purchase decisions. This highlights YouTube’s role as a platform for product discovery and honest reviews. By addressing the needs of these searchers and building trust, your channel becomes more conducive to converting viewers into subscribers.

For creators building a YouTube subscriber base, there’s an added benefit of selling products directly to this engaged audience. Consider creating YouTube merchandise as a strategic approach to monetize and capitalize on your growing following.

💡Tip: Facilitate sales on YouTube by seamlessly integrating your Shopify store with YouTube Shopping. Engage in live shopping experiences, tag your products directly on YouTube, and manage everything conveniently through your Shopify admin.

15. Engage with Trends for Enhanced Video Marketing

Incorporating trending topics into your video marketing strategy can be a powerful approach. Capitalize on the current cultural moments, memes, or trending subjects that align with your brand.

Strategically timing your posts to coincide with these trends can make your content more relevant to audiences who might not otherwise discover your YouTube videos. This tactic is particularly effective for creating Shorts, allowing you to swiftly react to ongoing moments with a less resource-intensive video format.

To identify trends on YouTube:

  1. Follow Relevant Accounts: Stay updated by following accounts and publications pertinent to your niche or industry. Monitor the content shared, liked, and created by your subscribers and target audience.
  2. Explore YouTube’s Trending Tab: Utilize YouTube’s trending tab to gain insights into the topics, channels, and content gaining attention in real-time.
  3. Use Google Trends: Leverage Google Trends, filtering for YouTube searches, to identify trending topics within your niche.

Once you pinpoint a trending theme, like “grimace shake,” “pastel eye makeup,” or “wall pilates workouts,” delve into YouTube to grasp the content styles receiving the highest viewership. This investigation will serve as inspiration for crafting your own videos that connect with audiences and draw in substantial viewership.


We trust that this guide on “how to boost YouTube subscribers” proves valuable in attaining your YouTube objectives. Building a substantial subscriber base is essential for establishing yourself as a reputable presence on YouTube. This achievement is only possible through the creation of compelling content and optimizing crucial aspects. Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing course empowers you to leverage videos effectively for business promotion on YouTube while enhancing your digital marketing skills. Explore and enroll in the course now to unlock your full potential!

FAQ’S for How to Increase Youtube Subscribers

1. How can I effectively grow my YouTube subscriber base?

Answer: Consistency in content creation, utilizing clickable subscription tools, and participating in trends are key strategies. Additionally, showcasing products, collaborating with other creators, and optimizing video elements contribute to subscriber growth.

2. Why is consistency important in YouTube content creation?

Answer: Consistency builds audience trust, helps in algorithmic visibility, and establishes a recognizable brand identity. It involves maintaining uniformity in branding, video quality, subject matter, and posting frequency.

3. What are the built-in clickable tools provided by YouTube for subscriber conversion?

Answer: YouTube offers the End Screen, a still image at the end of videos for calls to action, and the Brand Watermark, an extra subscribe button hovering in the bottom right corner of videos.

4. How can product showcasing contribute to YouTube subscriber growth?

Answer: By featuring products in videos, creators tap into YouTube's role as a platform for product discovery and honest reviews, fostering trust and converting viewers into subscribers. This also opens avenues for selling merchandise to the subscriber base.

5. What role do trends play in YouTube content strategy?

Answer: Incorporating current trends into content strategy enhances relevance, attracts new audiences, and is particularly effective for Shorts. Identifying trends involves monitoring industry-related accounts, exploring YouTube's trending tab, and utilizing Google Trends for YouTube searches.

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