Top 20 Best Online Reputation Management Companies 2024

Best Online Reputation Management Services 2024

Best Online Reputation Management Companies, Every business possesses a reputation, and while some companies allow their reputations to evolve naturally, the most thriving ones take a proactive approach to manage them. This is where reputation management companies or online reputation management (ORM) software come into play.

By collaborating with a reputation management firm, you can seize control of your brand’s image. These firms actively monitor conversations related to your business, assist in formulating responses to address negative publicity, and keep you well-informed about the public perception of your brand or business.

Given the considerable overlap among various reputation management services, we’ve curated a list of the top companies and software solutions to empower you in efficiently managing and enhancing your business’s reputation.

What is Reputation Management Services?

Online Reputation Management Companies

A reputation management service is specifically designed to impact and enhance the public’s perception of your brand. These services play a crucial role in monitoring discussions related to your brand, addressing inquiries or comments, and managing any negative feedback that could potentially harm your reputation.

By actively engaging in these processes, reputation management services contribute to bolstering the credibility of your brand and exerting a positive influence on consumer purchase decisions.

The various types of reputation management services encompass:

  1. Review management services
  2. Brand mention tools
  3. NPS (Net Promoter Score) software

Why Your Business Benefits from Reputation Management Companies

You may confidently assert, ‘My reputation is impeccable; customers adore our business, sales are thriving, and word-of-mouth feedback is consistently positive. No search engine displays any negative information about us.’ So, why consider reputation management?

Even if your business has cultivated a positive image, the need for reputation management arises when encountering negative online conversations. Reputation management forms a crucial component of the broader spectrum of brand management and social media marketing. Its objective is to keep businesses informed about what consumers are saying about their brand and how they perceive it, enabling proactive measures to cast the brand in a positive light.

Dedicated tools offered by online reputation management companies actively monitor social media and various platforms for brand mentions, tracking metrics such as the number of mentions, the nature of reviews (negative or positive), customer sentiments, and other relevant data. These tools also furnish real-time alerts, allowing swift responses to mitigate potential damage before a negative opinion, or worse, coverage by a major news outlet harms your brand image.

While brands can manually undertake these tasks, it is a resource-intensive and costly effort. Integrating software or partnering with online reputation management companies as part of your strategy yields more effective results.

Suggestion: Explore further insights into brand tracking, brand monitoring, and the functionalities of brand tracking software.

Deciding Between a Reputation Management Company and Software

Online Reputation Management Companies

Determining whether to opt for a Reputation Management Company or software is the initial decision in acknowledging the need for reputation management. Your subsequent focus should be on assessing the options available to you in terms of companies and tools.

The choice between a firm and software is not inherently right or wrong; it depends on your preferences and requirements.

Reputation management software empowers you to take charge of the process internally, integrating it into your in-house operations. For example, platforms like Meltwater’s social listening and media monitoring tools enable you to track your online reputation. These platforms deliver real-time alerts regarding negative content, allowing you to take immediate action and prevent potential social media crises. This approach provides you with complete control over the process, allowing you to manage your brand reputation according to your vision.

On the other hand, some businesses opt to delegate their reputation management to specialized companies. These firms leverage a range of tools and a team of experts to establish comprehensive reputation monitoring. Choosing a reputation management firm offers the additional advantage of experience, sparing your brand from the need to develop a strategy from the ground up.

The decision on how to approach reputation management services ultimately rests with you. Regardless of your choice, here are some recommended companies and software options to explore.

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Essential Traits of Top Reputation Management Companies

When evaluating a reputation management agency, it’s crucial to look for specific characteristics that contribute to a positive impact on your online image. Here are key attributes to consider:

  1. Proactive and Reactive Approach:
    • A reputable agency should employ both proactive and reactive strategies. Proactive methods include encouraging customers to share feedback via online reviews, optimizing review profiles, and responding to customer feedback. Reactive strategies involve addressing and mitigating negative content, whether by deletion, burying, or legal actions.
  2. Focus on Relationship Building:
    • Modern agencies prioritize building positive relationships with customers rather than solely silencing critics. They assist in customer care, request reviews, build a strong online presence, generate positive publicity, and respond to unfair attacks. A comprehensive approach should address both the proactive and reactive aspects of reputation management.
  3. Recognition of Ongoing Management:
    • Effective reputation management is an ongoing process. Agencies should understand the dynamic nature of online reviews, the impact of consistent proof of good performance, and the decay of reputation over time. While not locking clients into unnecessary contracts, a reliable agency offers optional ongoing services, providing the necessary resources for sustained reputation management.
  4. Expertise in Local Search:
    • Since local and organic searches significantly contribute to digital traffic, a reputable agency should be well-versed in local search campaigns. Understanding local ranking factors, especially the role of online reviews, is crucial. The agency’s expertise in local search directly influences search engine and social media visibility, enhancing the overall effectiveness of reputation management campaigns.

Selecting an agency with these characteristics ensures a comprehensive and effective approach to managing and improving your online reputation.

What To Expect From an Exceptional Reputation Management Company

Checklist Here’s a concise checklist outlining the expectations you should have for your agency.

  1. Comprehensive Plan Presentation: Your agency will present a detailed plan, covering both macro and micro-level aspects of your campaign. You should have a clear understanding of the costs, goals, timelines, and reporting structure.
  2. Openness and Transparency: Expect complete transparency and openness from your agency. They should address all your questions and concerns regarding the significant impact their efforts will have on your business.
  3. Consistent Communication: A reliable agency will maintain continuous communication, providing regular updates, feedback, and detailed reports. Clear channels of communication should be established from the outset, including involvement of key decision-makers in the process.

These expectations are non-negotiable when entrusting an agency with the critical task of managing your reputation. Avoid agencies that operate behind proprietary veils, opting instead for those that prioritize openness and collaboration.

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Top 20 Online Reputation Management Companies Based on Our Evaluation Criteria

Applying our assessment standards, we have compiled a list of the finest online reputation management services.

You can find comprehensive reviews of each tool, along with all our selections, below.

Note: Please be aware that the software is presented without any specific ranking or endorsement order. Our objective is to curate a curated collection of online reputation management companies, providing a comprehensive overview of the available options.

1. Net Reputation

Net Reputation is dedicated to enhancing the online image of businesses through strategic digital marketing and modern SEO techniques. Their reputation services aim to either conceal or eliminate negative mentions on popular search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, as well as address issues in online reviews, press, and social media mentions.

The company’s team, comprised of content curators, actively publishes high-quality and engaging content online to positively influence the public perception of businesses.

Key Features of Net Reputation:

  1. Negative search results removal
  2. Online business review management
  3. Search engine optimization
  4. Free reputation consultation with results provided

What Sets Them Apart:

Established in early 2015, Net Reputation stands out as one of the pioneers in the field of reputation management. Many companies choose Net Reputation as a white-label solution for their clients due to its affordability. The company’s customer support operates round the clock, providing assistance and addressing inquiries promptly.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Unknown
  • Price: Unknown
  • Customer service and support: Live chat, email, phone
  • Review score: 5 (191 reviews)

2. DashClicks

DashClicks Reputation Management Software provides a centralized dashboard for effectively managing reviews from various sources. This user-friendly tool simplifies the process of collecting reviews by enabling the easy sending of customer review requests via SMS or email. The platform also facilitates the resolution of customer issues by consolidating all reviews in one convenient location.

Key Features of DashClicks:

  1. Manage reviews across multiple sources.
  2. Share your public review page with customers.
  3. Integrate Facebook reviews and Google My Business reviews.
  4. Track your average rating and best review sources.

What Sets DashClicks Apart:

The app distinguishes itself by offering a unified dashboard to access all customer reviews from different sources. Additionally, it allows businesses to invite customers to leave reviews through well-designed SMSs and emails with a single button press. The platform provides valuable insights into performance and ratings across various review platforms, enabling continuous progress tracking.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Available
  • Price: Starting at $99/month
  • Customer service and support: Email, Live Chat, Phone
  • Review score: 4.81 (483 reviews)

3. Customer Lobby

Customer Lobby provides an innovative marketing service designed to operate seamlessly without constant supervision. Differentiating itself from generic messaging approaches, the service adopts a results-driven strategy, employing relevant language tailored to each customer’s stage in the buying process. Additionally, Customer Lobby assists in crafting a review plan, facilitating the accumulation of reviews on platforms such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more. The service automates review management by syncing with your invoicing system, triggering review requests immediately after customer transactions.

Key Features of Customer Lobby:

  1. Direct connect
  2. Follow up on all transactions with review requests
  3. Targeted campaigns
  4. Tracking and optimization
  5. Webinars for continued learning
  6. Personalized emails & postcards
  7. Mobile app for on-the-spot review requests after service completion
  8. Tracks marketing dollars to assess effectiveness and conversion

What Sets Customer Lobby Apart:

Beyond its initial focus on acquiring business reviews, Customer Lobby has expanded its services to support a broader spectrum of marketing activities. The platform now aids in improving online presence and tracks comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Demo available
  • Price: $299-$399/month (+$199 activation fee)
  • Customer service and support: Live chat, phone, resource library
  • Review score: 4 (1 review)

4. stands out as an independent third-party review platform, offering businesses a comprehensive view of their online reputation across the entire web from a single dashboard.

Key Features of

  1. Easily get actionable insights from reviews
  2. Turn reviews into banners
  3. Wealth of integrations
  4. Expert answers
  5. Competitor analysis
  6. Video reviews
  7. Badges and widgets for displaying reviews, social proof, etc.

What Makes Different: excels in collecting, monitoring, and publishing reviews to major platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and Amazon. The platform boasts a user-friendly review widget, seamlessly incorporating customer reviews as a vital part of your website.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Free trial, demo available
  • Price: $89-$499+/month
  • Customer service and support: Live chat, phone, support center, resource library
  • Review score: 4.8 (334 reviews)

5. Awario

Awario distinguishes itself by offering users the advantage of being the first to know when important online conversations emerge. Unlike other monitoring apps relying on a single third-party data provider, Awario stands out by crawling over 13 billion web pages daily, providing one of the most immediate ways to discover new mentions. Users can respond to any mentions directly within the app and connect to as many accounts as needed.

Key Features of Awario:

  1. Real-time, non-stop monitoring of social media platforms and the web
  2. Negative alerts
  3. Sorting mentions by various factors
  4. Sentiment analysis
  5. Identifying sales opportunities on social media
  6. Email notifications
  7. Boolean search for streamlined mention tracking

What Makes Awario Different:

Awario offers unique features and analytics not commonly found in competitors’ offerings, all at a more affordable price compared to many other professional social monitoring tools. The platform utilizes filters such as topic clouds and Boolean searches, aiding users in identifying common themes and developing strategies to address emerging patterns.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Free trial available
  • Price: $29-$399/month
  • Customer service and support: Live chat, email, help center, resource library, video tutorials
  • Review score: 4.21 (84 reviews)

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6. Reputation911

Reputation911, with the motto “We Make You Look Good Online,” specializes in reputation management services, focusing on the removal and suppression of inaccurate and undesirable search results. The service is a valuable tool for businesses dealing with crises, aiming to safeguard their brand reputation and exert control over their online presentation.

Key Features of Reputation911:

  1. Monitor and maintain search results
  2. Promote your brand
  3. Investigate and remove false information
  4. Content creation
  5. Social media integrations

What Makes Reputation911 Stand Out:

Reputation911 sets itself apart by offering a tailored reputation management strategy for each business. Leveraging proven strategies, the company works to mitigate any undesired reviews or statements, making it particularly beneficial for brands undergoing reputation repair.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Unknown
  • Price: $295-$495/month (enterprise plan also available)
  • Customer service and support: Phone, email
  • Review score: N/A

7. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a global online review community fostering a space for any consumer to leave a review after purchasing or interacting with a specific company. The platform’s primary goal is to cultivate trust and transparency between consumers and businesses, making it a prominent resource for online reputation management services.

Key Features of Trustpilot:

  1. Google review partner
  2. Widgets
  3. In-depth review statistics
  4. Product reviews
  5. Search engine ratings
  6. Review acquisition, showcase, management, and analysis.

What Makes Trustpilot Stand Out:

Trustpilot’s distinct strength lies in its open and transparent nature. The platform allows any user who has engaged with a business to contribute a review, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Moreover, Trustpilot operates with transparency, posting reviews without censorship. This approach ensures that businesses cannot selectively hide reviews they may find questionable, instilling greater trust in the review scores and the businesses themselves.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Demo available
  • Price: $250-$900/month (enterprise plan also available)
  • Customer service and support: Support center, live chat, email, webinars, guides
  • Review score: 4.37 (1207 reviews)

8. WebiMax

WebiMax stands out as a prominent reputation management agency renowned for crafting personalized reputation strategies tailored to the unique needs of each business. With a solid foundation since 2008, WebiMax ranks among the most established reputation management services. Utilizing a confidential process, the agency discreetly enhances your reputation without revealing the involvement of a reputation management service.

Key Features of WebiMax:

  1. Negative content alerts and deletion
  2. Positive content reports
  3. Goal-setting timelines
  4. Flexibility to change services (monthly payments)
  5. Local marketing services

What Makes WebiMax Different:

WebiMax distinguishes itself by offering both personalized and accessible services. Tailored plans are designed to accommodate various budgets, catering to entrepreneurs, startups, and larger businesses alike. The platform’s flexibility allows easy adjustments to the payment plan, accommodating varying service needs from month to month.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Not available
  • Price: Varies (custom)
  • Customer service and support: Dedicated project manager, phone, email, live chat, resource library
  • Review score: 4.85 (36 reviews)

9. offers a comprehensive white-label review management service and marketing platform, equipped to handle a wide range of review-related tasks. The suite of tools enables businesses to encourage positive reviews from satisfied customers, address concerns of dissatisfied customers, safeguard against negative reviews, monitor reviews across over 100 third-party review sites, and amplify positive reviews effectively.

Key Features of

  1. Monitor and respond to reviews across 100+ sites
  2. Widget to promote reviews
  3. White label
  4. Mobile-friendly
  5. Customized messaging
  6. Auto-publishes positive reviews

What Sets Apart:

Designed with marketers and agencies in mind, offers the flexibility to customize and deliver services under your own brand. The platform also facilitates seamless integrations with various third-party platforms, enhancing its adaptability to different business needs.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Free trial, demo available
  • Price: $110-$2500/month (based on the number of seats)
  • Customer service and support: Live chat, email, knowledge base
  • Review score: 4.73 (383 reviews)

10. ReviewInc

ReviewInc delivers a comprehensive, all-in-one suite for businesses, providing them with the tools to effectively manage their online reputation. The platform includes an optimized email system specifically designed to navigate spam filters, ensuring successful delivery of thousands of review requests for products or services.

Key Features of ReviewInc:

  1. Automatic review alerts
  2. Real-time review visibility
  3. Review site auto-fix link management
  4. Star rating in Google search
  5. Sentiment analysis and keyword trend tracking
  6. Free US-based support
  7. Customizable reports
  8. Competitive analysis

What Makes ReviewInc Stand Out:

ReviewInc stands out by prioritizing customer value. The platform is built to efficiently handle tasks at an affordable price, catering to unlimited users. As a global business, ReviewInc offers support in 26 different languages for comprehensive business reputation management.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Demo available
  • Price: Unknown
  • Customer service and support: Live chat, email, phone, extended customer support, support library
  • Review score: 4.72 (43 reviews)

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11. Podium

Podium stands out as a dedicated platform for boosting online reviews by streamlining the review request process through automation. Utilizing SMS messages, Podium guides potential reviewers to specific sites, enhancing your review scores strategically. With a bold claim to “double your monthly review volume in less than 60 days,” Podium has demonstrated significant success, with some businesses experiencing over a 16-fold increase in overall reviews.

Key Features of Podium:

  1. Automated review invites
  2. AI-powered review responses
  3. Gathering feedback from customers
  4. Activation of other text-based marketing campaigns
  5. Reputation management across multiple sites with one dashboard

What Makes Podium Different:

Podium’s integration of AI significantly simplifies the process of sending and responding to reviews effectively. The platform allows users to precisely target individuals for review invites and generate responses rapidly.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Demo available
  • Price: $249-$599/month
  • Customer service and support: Help center, support chat
  • Review score: 4.45 (1830 reviews)

12. Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing stands out as a comprehensive customer intelligence platform that combines advanced customer satisfaction surveys with integrated online reputation management. Positioned as a brand image builder, this service is designed to safeguard and enhance your internet reputation over the long term.

Key Features of Reputation Marketing:

  1. API
  2. Customized messages (send via email, text, or Facebook Messenger)
  3. 15 times higher response rate
  4. Drip-feed sending
  5. Mobile-friendly
  6. Real-time notifications
  7. Over 2,000 integrations
  8. Ability to promote positive reviews

What Makes Reputation Marketing Unique:

Reputation Marketing distinguishes itself by monitoring a brand’s online reputation across a vast network of over 650 review sites worldwide, including more than 101 in the United States and over 88 in the United Kingdom. The platform aggregates these reputation scores for easy visibility. This extensive reach makes it an excellent choice for businesses with a global market presence.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Demo available
  • Price: Starting at $49/month
  • Customer service and support: Live chat, phone, email, account manager, success manager
  • Review score: 5 (1 review)

13. Brandwatch

Brandwatch serves as a comprehensive solution for brands seeking control over their reputation management. By integrating social media listening and marketing strategy tools, including sentiment analysis and a centralized customer profile hub, Brandwatch empowers brands to detect and respond to comments promptly.

Key Features of Brandwatch:

  1. Monitor brand mentions and relevant trends
  2. Compile all customer interactions in enriched individual profiles
  3. Highly targeted segmentation using customer profiles
  4. Social media management and monitoring
  5. Trend analysis for predicting consumer needs
  6. Crisis management for brand protection in emergencies
  7. Unique prioritization algorithm ranking mentions and messages by importance

What Makes Brandwatch Different:

Brandwatch uniquely bridges the realms of social media, reputation management, and customer experience management. This integration enables marketers to plan, execute, and test strategies in one centralized platform while mapping valuable data. The platform’s user experience (UX) is designed to facilitate collaboration between individuals and teams.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Demo available
  • Price: Unknown
  • Customer service and support: Live chat, email, resource hub, help center
  • Review score: 4.34 (755 reviews)

14. Igniyte

Igniyte stands out as a leading online reputation expert, specializing in auditing existing reputations and enhancing online presence for companies, brands, and individuals on an international scale. The platform is dedicated to delivering enduring and positive online reputations.

Key Features of Igniyte:

  1. Review and mention monitoring
  2. Reputation audit
  3. Social media profile creation
  4. Optimization of assets
  5. SEO reputation management on all search engines

What Makes Igniyte Different:

Igniyte differentiates itself by committing to measurable progress through the achievement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and by enhancing the ranking of content created and shared on behalf of clients. With a tenure dating back to 2009, Igniyte brings extensive experience to the online reputation management market. However, it’s worth noting that their services come at a premium price.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Not available
  • Price: $1965+/month
  • Customer service and support: Email, phone
  • Review score: N/A

15. Rhino Reviews

Rhino Reviews goes beyond offering reputation management software; they provide a comprehensive suite of managed reputation services through a team of specialists. The platform allows users to automate and manage customer reviews in real-time, while live support refines your reputation with a detailed strategy, including timely responses to reviews. Rhino Reviews even goes the extra mile by creating review graphics for social media sharing and optimizing your Google My Business profile regularly.

Key Features of Rhino Reviews:

  1. Live dashboard reporting
  2. Google My Business management
  3. Review notifications
  4. Personal responses to reviews and social posts
  5. Widgets displaying positive third-party reviews on your site
  6. Action on negative reviews
  7. Certified human reputation managers
  8. Local SEO

What Makes Rhino Reviews Different:

Rhino Reviews sets itself apart by seamlessly combining the efficiency of automated software with the personalized services of a human reputation management team. This dual-pronged approach makes Rhino Reviews a unique player in the reputation management services landscape.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Free reputation analysis available
  • Price: Unknown
  • Customer service and support: Dedicated reputation managers available, phone, email, resource library
  • Review score: 5 (5 reviews)

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16. AskNicely

AskNicely is a software solution designed to help businesses retain customers, boost referrals, and drive revenue growth through real-time Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurements. The platform is dedicated to measuring and enhancing the overall customer experience, collecting valuable feedback that seamlessly integrates with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Key Features of AskNicely:

  1. NPS and other feedback surveys
  2. One-click feedback
  3. Easy action-taking based on feedback
  4. Staff recognition based on positive feedback
  5. Simple setup
  6. 25+ integrations

What Makes AskNicely Different:

AskNicely stands out by employing one-click feedback, significantly improving customer response rates by 38%. The platform places a strong emphasis on NPS, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES), providing businesses with comprehensive insights into their customers’ wants and needs.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Demo available
  • Price: Not available
  • Customer service and support: Live chat, email, phone, help docs
  • Review score: 4.69 (962 reviews)

17. Nearby Now

Nearby Now simplifies direct communication between local businesses and leads, allowing teams to engage with customers, address queries, request reviews, and promptly share those reviews on prominent platforms like Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. The platform prioritizes quick check-ins from customers, contributing to improved search rankings.

Key Features of Nearby Now:

  1. Local SEO
  2. Leaderboard
  3. Real-time reporting
  4. Mobile-friendly
  5. Video check-ins
  6. Audio reviews
  7. Wealth of integrations

What Makes Nearby Now Stand Out:

Nearby Now distinguishes itself by streamlining the review process for customers and facilitating the establishment of a robust online reputation for businesses. The service’s focus on local businesses, especially those with physical storefronts or catering to local markets, makes it particularly beneficial. Additionally, Nearby Now leverages LeadSMS, enabling the capture of leads through their widget and efficient closure via quick SMS messages.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Free trial, demo available
  • Price: $155-$499/month
  • Customer service and support: Email, phone
  • Review score: N/A

18. Local Clarity

Local Clarity understands that enhancing your online reputation is crucial for advancing to the next level. Businesses worldwide leverage Local Clarity’s reputation management services to build relationships through direct review responses and gain insights across various locations, cities, states, and countries.

Key Features of Local Clarity:

  1. Performance insights
  2. Powerful team collaboration
  3. Review management
  4. Direct response, including response templates
  5. Scheduled posts
  6. Wealth of integrations

What Makes Local Clarity Different:

Local Clarity stands out with its exceptional team collaboration features within the dashboard. Teams can efficiently share and distribute workflows, negative reviews, and performance reviews. The platform also offers the capability to bulk upload and schedule posts.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Free trial available
  • Price: $10-$12/location/month (enterprise plan also available)
  • Customer service and support: Live chat, email, phone, resource library
  • Review score: 5 (10 reviews)

19. PowerReviews

PowerReviews offers a comprehensive platform that enables brands and retailers to generate and showcase ratings and reviews seamlessly. The platform operates within a flexible, multi-channel Software as a Service (SaaS) system. Emphasizing the value of user-generated content (UGC) for driving growth, PowerReviews incorporates UGC features alongside its robust review management suite.

Key Features of PowerReviews:

  1. Review accelerator
  2. Review snapshot
  3. Mobile-friendly
  4. Customizable display of reviews and UGC
  5. In-line SEO
  6. Robust data collection from reviews and UGC
  7. Webinars for continued learning
  8. User-generated content sharing

What Makes PowerReviews Stand Out:

PowerReviews goes beyond simply generating more reviews; it strategically ensures that these reviews reach more shoppers at the critical moment of purchase. The platform places a strong emphasis on verified buyers to enhance the authenticity of the reviews.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Demo available
  • Price: Unknown
  • Customer service and support: Phone, email, webinars, resource library
  • Review score: 4.37 (192 reviews)

20. Mention

Mention stands out as a media monitoring and social listening app, providing businesses with the ability to track and understand online conversations about their brand. With a user base of over 750,000 worldwide, Mention is a versatile tool catering to various entities such as agencies, universities, charitable organizations, and banks.

Key Features of Mention:

  1. Customizable, robust, and automated mention data reports
  2. Build graphs using metrics that matter to you
  3. Monitor more than 70 top review sites, social media, and overall online mentions
  4. Custom mention alerts flag mentions with specific keywords
  5. Filter mentions by site, country, and language
  6. Scheduling and publishing tools for social media marketing
  7. Competitive analyses

What Makes Mention Different:

Mention is distinguished by its user-friendly interface, lauded as the easiest-to-use monitoring tool by clients. Testimonials highlight the attractive and uncluttered design, coupled with the availability and willingness of the customer success team to assist. Notably, Mention does not bill users for support time. The platform’s widespread global user base contributes to valuable social insights for brands worldwide.

Noteworthy Information:

  • Free trial or demo: Free trial, demo available
  • Price: $41-$179/month (enterprise plan also available)
  • Customer service and support: Email, phone, resource library
  • Review score: 4.46 (720 reviews)

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Whether contemplating the outsourcing of online reputation management services or pondering a self-managed DIY strategy, leaving your reputation to chance is not a viable option. Online conversations about your products, brands, and executives are ongoing, and it’s a facet your business cannot afford to neglect. As per the World Economic Forum, a quarter of a company’s market value can be directly linked to its reputation. Therefore, proactively managing and shaping your online reputation is not just a recommended strategy but a crucial necessity in today’s digital landscape.

FAQ’S for Online Reputation Management Agency

1. What is the role of a reputation management service?

Ans. A reputation management service helps businesses monitor, shape, and respond to online conversations about their products, brands, and executives. It involves proactive strategies, such as generating positive reviews, as well as reactive approaches, like addressing negative content.

2. Why is reputation management important for businesses?

Ans. Reputation management is crucial for businesses because online conversations significantly impact consumer perception. According to the World Economic Forum, a substantial portion of a company’s market value is directly linked to its reputation. Managing this aspect ensures a positive online presence and influences customer decisions.

3. What are the key features to look for in a reputation management service?

Ans. Important features include monitoring online mentions, managing reviews, providing real-time alerts, offering customizable reports, and engaging in both proactive and reactive strategies. The ability to track sentiment, integrate with social media, and support local SEO are also valuable.

4. How do reputation management companies differ from one another?

Ans. Reputation management companies vary in their approaches, with some focusing on proactive strategies like review generation, while others specialize in reactive measures such as content removal. Differences also arise in pricing models, customer support, and the extent to which they integrate with other tools and platforms.

5. What should businesses expect from a reputable reputation management company?

Ans. Businesses should expect transparency, a clear plan of action, consistent communication, and ongoing monitoring. A reputable company will provide detailed reports, answer questions openly, and tailor strategies to the unique needs of the business. The ability to adapt the approach based on changing circumstances is also essential.

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