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How to Remove or Edit GeneratePress Footer Copyright Text

In this brief instructional blog, I’ll demonstrate how to modify the footer copyright text within the free version of the GeneratePress theme or adding own custom copyright text in GeneratePress theme in WordPress.

You can implement the provided code either directly in your theme’s functions.php file or through the CodeSnippets plugin.

Now that you’ve customized the footer text, you’re all set.

Once you’re done testing, consider investing in the premium version of GeneratePress. I’ve personally purchased an active license and highly recommend it for its speed and versatility.

GeneratePress stands out as a premium WordPress theme, often endorsed by niche website developers.

If you’re utilizing the free version of GeneratePress, removing the “Powered by GeneratePress” copyright footer text isn’t directly available in the customizer.

However, as a free version user, you can achieve this through a simple yet slightly technical process. Just copy the following PHP code and paste it into your theme’s functions.php file. If you’ve installed a child theme, ensure you save it in the functions.php file of the child theme, located at the very bottom.

Why Update the Copyright Footer Text in WordPress?

The copyright footer section is a crucial element of your website’s bottom area.

Most WordPress themes come with default copyright text, often stating “Powered by [theme name].”

After installing the GeneratePress theme or GP Premium plugin, you might also encounter a copyright text reading “Built with GeneratePress.”

However, many professional bloggers and affiliate marketers prefer not to display this text, and I’m no exception.

In such cases, you can either replace the text with something else, as I’ve done on WP Theme Detector, or remove it entirely.

This guide is divided into two sections to help you update or remove the copyright section text:

  1. Updating / Removing GeneratePress Copyright Footer Text in the Premium Version
  2. Updating / Removing GeneratePress Copyright Text in the Free Version

Watch the video below to understand how to utilize the code snippet for customizing the footer copyright text.

Let’s delve into the topic.

add_filter( 'generate_copyright','webexplorers_gp_custom_copyright' );
if (!function_exists('webexplorers_gp_custom_copyright')) {
function webexplorers_gp_custom_copyright() {
$year = date("Y");
© <?php echo $year ?> GeneratePress Development - All Rights Reserved!
Note: Replace the text “GeneratePress Development” with your desired custom text. You’re free to use HTML, CSS, and PHP codes for customization.

Conclusion for How to Add Own Custom Copyright Text in GeneratePress

Undoubtedly, GeneratePress stands as a rock-solid WordPress theme amidst the plethora of fancy options available online.

Its free version offers remarkable creativity and flexibility for designing your blog. However, upgrading to GP Premium truly adds value to your investment. Here’s a comprehensive comparison between GeneratePress free and premium versions.

If you’ve already acquired GeneratePress Pro, that’s fantastic! But if not, you can unlock a GeneratePress discount here or follow the complete activation tutorial here.

This tutorial should cover everything you need to know about removing the “Built with GeneratePress” attribution in both the free and premium versions of the theme.

If there’s anything you feel is missing, please don’t hesitate to drop a message in the comments box. I’ll update the post accordingly to assist others as well.

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